Esther Bensadon

Esther is a Franco-American producer who has worked in Paris, London, NY and Ho Chi Minh City. She’s makes tv series, documentaries and commercials.


Jean-Aimé Venault

After a career in advertising as producer and filmmaker in France, Jean-Aimé is transitioning to documentaries and feature films as editor and screenwriter.


Quitterie Pagniez
Social Media

Quitterie is a marketing and partnerships specialist with over 15 years of experience in the media industry where she worked several years on digital promotion and marketing in the movie industry. She was also head of marketing and partnerships for Premiere, the French movie magazine.


Marine Notté

Drawing on her experience in Hollywood with StudioCanal, Marine made the move to New York to join Dailymotion, Vivendi’s video streaming platform, where she now develops distribution partnerships with major media and entertainment companies.

Eléonore Pourriat

Eléonore Pourriat is a French screenwriter, actress and director who lives in New York. Her short film, Oppressed Majority and her feature film, I''m Not an Easy Man (Netflix Original), are international hits. She just published her first novel, Histoire d’Adrián Silencio.

Laetitia Doyle
President, Washington DC chapter

Laetitia moved to D.C. in 2012 and is in charge of development and strategic partnerships for Terranoa, based in Paris. She is responsible of sales and for sourcing content in development or finished to add to Terranoa's documentaries growing catalogue for distribution to all media outlets around the world.


Nathalie Perus

After twelve years as a tv executive in France at Canal+ group and Fox Intl. Channels, Nathalie became a scripted series development executive. She moved to New York in 2015 where she founded French In Motion while completing an MFA in tv writing at Stony Brook.


Benoit Cohen

Born in 1969, Benoit Cohen is a French producer, filmmaker and writer. After studying architecture in Paris and filmmaking at the New York University, he directed six feature films, several documentaries, TV Series, and wrote two books translated in multiple languages.


Sebastien Vergne
Event manager

Sebastien Vergne is a Franc-Hispanic global senior producer currently based in New York. He started as a project manager for cultural institutions, Latin American film festivals and theater corporations. He is now working on international projects, such as documentaries, music videos, fashion and beauty film/ photography.